How to build an eCommerce website from scratch 2022

Do you want to start your own eCommerce website? Today in this article I will show you how to build an eCommerce website from scratch.

Every successful eCommerce webmaster once upon a time started from the beginning. We understand this process can be tedious, but if you follow it step by step, you can put together a unique website that meets the needs of your audience. Let’s take a closer look at the process that can help you set up your eCommerce website from scratch.

An eCommerce website is of prime importance for any retail business. It gives your store an online identity and gives you a place to showcase your efforts in a creative yet engaging way. This is your shop, and you can customize it however you like. Here are some advantages of having a personal eCommerce website.

Advantages of having a personal eCommerce website

Brand Recognization

With an eCommerce website, your brand gets another dimension of its identity. It becomes your online store, and your customers can view it at any time they wish. Furthermore, your website speaks volumes about your store and helps you develop an impression on your buyer’s mind which influences their buying decisions.

Provides more information to the buyer

A website provides detailed information to the buyer. This information may include instructions, production details, make, model, safety guidelines, usage details, etc. These pieces of information can help you educate and convince the buyer to make a purchase.

Get more customers

As your website becomes accessible to the billions of people who access the Internet, the number of customers you acquire could double. You can target a wider audience without spending a lot on branding. Plus, with better search engine visibility, you can drive a huge amount of traffic to your store.

Sell across borders

Online selling doesn’t restrict you because of your geographic location. Unlike a retail store where you can only reach people living near your shop, you can expand your reach to a huge audience around the world with an eCommerce website.

Sell 24*7

Just like selling across borders, an eCommerce site gives you the advantage of selling round the clock. Your shop is never officially closed, and people can shop whenever they want.

Low cost

With an eCommerce website, you save on many additional costs such as inventory management, labor costs, travel costs, offline advertising and marketing costs, etc.

How to build an eCommerce website from scratch

Market Research

This step is very essential for your eCommerce store, which helps you finalize the products you want to sell. Analyze the market, trends, what your target audience needs for the final products.

This will be very useful if your product has a high demand on the market. You can use tools like Google Trends to find out which product is currently trending in the market.

Select a domain name

Next, choose a domain name for your website, preferably one that aligns with your brand. The primary purpose of a domain name is to give your brand identity. So, choose one that speaks about your products, brand, and business. According to a survey, the .com domain name is better than other domains available. Make sure the domain name is available and relevant to the brand.

Choose a website builder

One of the most challenging tasks is choosing which website builder is most suited for your eCommerce site. Currently, there are many website builders that can be used to build your eCommerce website. Since this is where your website will be built and hosted, you should choose a builder that best aligns with your needs.

Some of the factors based on which you can select a suitable website builder. First and foremost, the website builder should fit your budget. If it goes over your budget and you don’t get any substantial benefits, it will become challenging to recover the costs. As a new business, you should be more focused on getting users to make money on the website rather than getting it. Enrichment and optimization can be done later as well.

The next question that arises is – what are your options? There are many website builders available on the internet today. Some of them are as follows:

1) Open Source
Magento (Community Edition)

2) Paid

Now let’s get started on how to build an eCommerce website from scratch.

Once you have chosen your website builder, it is time to start curating your website. Here are the steps you can follow to create an attractive website that delivers value to your customers.

Register on the website

A simple sign-up process is needed to register yourself with the website. The process is simple and only your email, mobile number, and password are required to sign up. Most website builders also have an option for social sign-up, where you can directly log in using your Facebook or Google account details. Some of the websites are,,,

Websites such are Shopify are very easy to use.

Choose a template

Choosing a suitable template that best aligns with your product. Typically, the website builder split their templates into themes. This process saves you substantial time and effort. While selecting the template as it decides the look and feel of your store. Stores like Shopify and Woocommerce. have both free and paid templates that you can choose from for your eCommerce store.

List of products

Moving forward, start adding your products to the store. Figure out how you want to display them. Finalize the categories, the subcategory, and start showing products in your store. Make sure that all the listed products have appropriate pictures and product descriptions that give your buyer a clear idea about the product.

Setup Payment Options

To initiate the sale, add a payment option through which buyers can pay for their purchases. You can choose from various payment gateways that offer multiple payment modes. Try to offer buyers as many payment options as possible. This variety doesn’t limit them, and they can quickly complete the final stage of their purchase.

Launch your website

Once you have built your site, it is time to launch it. Conduct all last-minute operations like content audits, website backups, communications, etc. Once you are confident and thoroughly familiar with your tests, press Publish and launch your website for your audience to view it.


To wrap it up, how to build an eCommerce website from scratch is not a difficult task if you follow the mentioned steps and execute your strategy correctly. Good luck setting up shop and following this journey!

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